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1. Leibish/Louis Mordecai ALTER and his first wife Sarah MEISEL by whom he had five children.

2. Leibish/Louis Mordecai ALTER and his second wife Freida "Fanny" DRUKARSH by whom he had seven children.

Louis arrived at New York via Ellis Island, in August 1905. He was about 24. There are variations of his place of birth as Lvov, Lagov, Lukow in Poland, often shown as Poland/Russia. His departure to North America was from Trieste, Italy, one of the ports commonly used for passage.

He married the following year to Sarah Miesel. After Sarah's death in Apr 1921, Louis remarried that July to Freida (Fanny) Drukarsh, who had immigrated to Toronto in Dec 1920. Louis died in Aug 1944. Fanny lived to see nine grandchildren born before her death in Jul 1956.


The same cousin that sent me the diary claimed that the Alters were related to these Rabbis. It took many years, but yes, we're lated. (But not close enough to invite for Shabbat dinner!) This family tree is a separate branch and can be bookmarked directly <The Gerrer Rebbes> .


This tree is built from roots found in the "journal" kept by my late Uncle and sent to me by a cousin about 2007, as the most unexpected birthday present ever.  Plus relatives who have shared some of their family history. Added to this foundation are many families found via online sources such as JewishGen, Geni and many other sources. However, YOU can play a vital role by filling in missing information for many "Female/Male UNKNOWN" people, birth and death dates or other vital information.


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A-D by the numbers
Alter-Drukarsh connections... 3.3.9
This family tree was last updated on 20 October 2021.
Individuals 28,850
Males 14,862
Females 13,967
Total surnames 6,352
Families 10,079
Earliest birth year 29 Ilayne COHEN
Birth April 29  
Latest birth year 2021 This information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest death year 1578 Richard POTYNGER Sr
Birth  West Berkshire, England
Death 1578  West Berkshire, England
Latest death year 2021 This information is private and cannot be shown.
Person who lived the longest 1,775 Max Joseph FLOM
Birth about 185  Poland
Death 17 October 1960 (Age 1775)  Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Average age at death 67  
Family with the most children 17 Samuel BEALL Jr + Eleanor BROOKE
Average number of children per family 1.97  


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Alter-Drukarsh connections... 3.3.9
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