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1. Leibish/Louis Mordecai ALTER and his first wife Sarah MEISEL by whom he had five children.

2. Leibish/Louis Mordecai ALTER and his second wife Freida "Fanny" DRUKARSH by whom he had seven children.

Louis arrived at New York via Ellis Island, in August 1905. He was about 24. There are variations of his place of birth as Lvov, Lagov, Lukow in Poland, often shown as Poland/Russia. His departure to North America was from Trieste, Italy, one of the ports commonly used for passage.

He married the following year to Sarah Miesel. After Sarah's death in Apr 1921, Louis remarried that July to Freida (Fanny) Drukarsh, who had immigrated to Toronto in Dec 1920. Louis died in Aug 1944. Fanny lived to see nine grandchildren born before her death in Jul 1956.


This tree is built from roots found in the "journal" kept by my late Uncle and sent to me by a cousin about 2007, as the most unexpected birthday present ever.  Plus relatives who have shared some of their family history. Added to this foundation are many families found via online sources such as JewishGen, Geni and many other sources. However, YOU can play a vital role by filling in missing information for many "Female/Male UNKNOWN" people, birth and death dates or other vital information.


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11 January 2022 - 23:26:11

A-D by the numbers
Alter-Drukarsh connections... 3.3.9
This family tree was last updated on 25 January 2022.
Individuals 28,850
Males 14,867
Females 13,966
Families 10,071
Earliest birth year 1525 Richard BROOKE
Birth 1525  Whitchurch, Hampshire County, England
Death 16 January 1594 (Age 69)  Whitchurch, Hampshire County, England
Latest birth year 2021 This information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest death year 1578 Richard POTYNGER Sr
Birth  West Berkshire, England
Death 1578  West Berkshire, England
Latest death year 2021 This information is private and cannot be shown.
Person who lived the longest 107 Harry HEISEL
Birth 15 February 1898  Wentworth County, Ontario, Canada
Death 17 July 2005 (Age 107)  Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Average age at death 67  
Family with the most children 17 Samuel BEALL Jr + Eleanor BROOKE
Average number of children per family 1.98  


17 January 2022 - 15:52:12

On this day
Howard GLEEKGLEEK,Howard25 January 201201010Death 
Harvey ZARNETTZARNETT,Harvey25 January 200911313Death 
Helen MARDIKSMARDIKS,Helen25 January 200421818Death 
Louis FREEDMANFREEDMAN,Louis25 January 200431818Death 
Sarah Minnie SPECTORSPECTOR,Sarah Minnie25 January 200142121Death 
Ruth SCHURESCHURE,Ruth25 January 199352929Death 
Pesel (Bessie) PARKERPARKER,Pesel (Bessie)25 January 198963333Death 
Allen Davis BOWIEBOWIE,Allen Davis25 January 198373939Death 
Samuel BRODKINBRODKIN,Samuel25 January 198383939Death 
Augusta BERLINBERLIN,Augusta “Gussie”25 January 197894444Death 
Mary UNKNOWNUNKNOWN,Mary25 January 1976104646Death 
Harriet DAVISDAVIS,Harriet25 January 1974114848Death 
Eli Harry COOPERMANCOOPERMAN,Eli Harry25 January 1973124949Death 
David HOFFMANHOFFMAN,David25 January 1970135252Death 
Frank Everett NORTONNORTON,Frank Everett25 January 1969145353Death 
Morris PARTNOYPARTNOY,Morris25 January 1963155959Death 
Fanny ADELMANADELMAN,Fanny25 January 1943167979Death 
Rubin RUBINOFFRUBINOFF,Rubin (Rueven)25 January 1934178888Death 
Bernice Pauline TANNERTANNER,Bernice Pauline25 January 1930189292Birth 
Lila RISKINRISKIN,Lila25 January 1925199797Birth 
Sophia WEINSTEINWEINSTEIN,Sophia25 January 1924209898Death 
Morris Harry GOLLISHGOLLISH,Morris Harry "Sonny"25 January 192021102102Birth 
Samuel COWANCOWAN,Samuel25 January 191322109109Birth 
Max ZITZERZITZER,Max25 January 191323109109Birth 
Alec Jacob WILNERWILNER,Alec Jacob (Eliahu)25 January 191124111111Birth 
Isaac Purvis FLUITTFLUITT,Isaac Purvis25 January 191125111111Death 
Deborah LYONSLYONS,Deborah25 January 190826114114Death 
Samuel BAKERBAKER,Samuel (Schmuel)25 January 190827114114Birth 
Joseph BURNSTEINBURNSTEIN,Joseph Joe25 January 190128121121Birth 
Nellie SILVERSTEINSILVERSTEIN,Nellie25 January 190129121121Birth 
Annie SANDROWICZSANDROWICZ,Annie25 January 189930123123Birth 
Sadie TOBETOBE,Sadie25 January 189731125125Birth 
Allen Clinton TILLEYTILLEY,Allen Clinton25 January 188632136136Birth 
Meyer SUTINSUTIN,Meyer25 January 188033142142Birth 
Reverdy Johnson CLAGETTCLAGETT,Reverdy Johnson25 January 187734145145Birth 
Fannie Nicholas SMITHSMITH,Fannie Nicholas25 January 187435148148Birth 
Morris Mendel CHOUSKYCHOUSKY,Morris Mendel "Max"25 January 187236150150Birth 
Lucy Leigh BOWIEBOWIE,Lucy Leigh25 January 187237150150Birth 
Allen Thomas BOWIEBOWIE,Allen Thomas25 January 186038162162Death 
Samuel Carey MORANMORAN,Samuel Carey25 January 185839164164Death 
Eliza L COOMBSCOOMBS,Eliza L25 January 183640186186Death 
Lachaon Joseph LINCECUMLINCECUM,Lachaon Joseph25 January 182741195195Birth 
Jonathan Yates KENTKENT,Jonathan Yates25 January 182342199199Birth 
Allen BOWIE SrBOWIE,Allen25 January 178343239239Death 
James MAGRUDERMAGRUDER,James25 January 169644326326Birth 
James Beall MAGRUDER JrMAGRUDER,James Beall25 January 169645326326Birth 
Allen Perrie BOWIE Sr + Agnes Louise BOWIEBOWIE,Allen Perrie + BOWIE,Agnes Louise25 January 188146141141Marriage 
Benjamin ODEN Sr + Rachel Sophia WESTODEN,Benjamin + WEST,Rachel Sophia25 January 179147231231Marriage 
Alter-Drukarsh connections... 3.3.9
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